SongChat Sessions

We are so excited to hear about the songs that hold special memories for you.

At these informal sessions we will provide you with everything you need to get started and just see where it leads. It is like opening a Pandora’s box as we just never know which songs people are going to tell us about. The amazing thing is when your song sparks others’ memories about the same song.

You will have the choice to write, record, email or video your SongStory. Whatever works best for you and your creativity.

There are definitely no musical skills required, just a love of great songs and a good story.


‘Que Sera Sera’

Sandra remembers some of best days of her life – when her friends would put on their Doris Day album, celebrate with a drink or two and dance till they dropped.

Join Us

Keep an eye out for when and where you can join a session in your local community with others who share an interest in music, song and story.

We would love you to join us!

As participant in the project you will be our special guest at the live show created exclusively from the SongStories of your local community or organisation.

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‘Friday on My Mind’

John can still feel the excitement of his fifteen minutes of fame and being mobbed by female fans when he sang in the Battle of the Bands Competition in 1968.

“The resulting concert was most enjoyable. It certainly brought back happy memories to lots of people. I was told several stories and even shown interesting photographs at the cup of tea afterwards.

The performers were a delight.”



Penny Reynolds – Creative Producer

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